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World Wide
A Category of One

It is Experience – 50 years in business – that has put World Wide in a Category of One.

Whether your firm focuses on traditional staffing placements, is Consulting-driven, PEO,ASO, VMS, Professional Services – or – a combination of any or all – there are exposures specific to each service provided that your insurance program must address. Additionally, contractual requirements even for traditional staffing firms are usually greater than the coverages afforded by standard policies.

And it is Experience that allows us to bring you the most far reaching insurance program available to the staffing industry at large today.

That’s what we do at World Wide – in partnership with your broker.

Professional Liability:
Your corporate staff, temporary/contract placements, consultants, professional placements including those in the medical field – anyone who represents your firm in delivering a service you have contracted to provide, need to be covered.

Your Corporation needs protection for an action caused by one of your representatives, anyone you are legally responsible for.

General Liability:
Covers you for bodily injury and property damage claims. GL is also where you find coverage for contractual liability. However, you are contractually responsible for liability other than bodily injury and property damage.

Where can you find coverage for these other liabilities? That is where our Experience is your resource.

Abusive Acts:
The recent media exposure of abusive acts has made the need for this coverage more necessary than ever. Acts of Abuse are not limited to sexual abuse, but include physical injury, exposure to sickness, disease, mental anguish, mental injury, shock, and now – bullying.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto
Protects your company when your employees use their own vehicle for business. As a staffing firm, you have the added exposure of your employees driving client’s vehicles. You are also responsible for damage to the clients vehicles caused by your employees driving them.

Employee Benefits
Covers your liability for the administration of your employee benefits plans. How do you cover leased workers provided by a PEO? How do you cover a self-funded plan? Let our Experience be your guide.

Employment Practices
Coverage for when employees or applicants sue you, your client or your client’s employees for a wrongful employment act. You are also responsible for your client suing you. How can you decide what you need? Let our Experience be your guide.

In today’s environment, you are exposed to theft and robbery of both tangibles and intangibles. Your services also make you responsible to your clients for these crimes. You are also exposed to the legal liability arising out of these actions. Where do you find coverage?
Come to the source –World Wide.

Provides additional limits of liability for your underlying policies. A true umbrella provides additional coverage in addition to the limits.

Our policies are tailored to the needs of our clients – and their clients. Whether special  endorsement wording, claims made or occurrence, prior acts coverage, deductible options or higher limits, you can expect our program to respond to your needs.

Our years of Experience help you understand client contract demands, affording you  recommendations or alerts as to how requirements may impact your firm.

Experience World Wide.
This is not intended to substitute for the actual policy. Refer to policy for coverage specifics.